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Title: Swallowed in the Sea
Author: Tarlan ([livejournal.com profile] tarlanx)
Fandom: SeaQuest DSV
Pairing/Characters: Jonathan Ford/Krieg Krieg
Rating/Category: NC17/Slash
Word Count: 2130
Spoilers: Tag to 'Bad Water'.
Notes/Warnings: None
Summary: Facing imminent death had a way of putting things into perspective, and one of those things was his feelings for Ben Krieg.

Written for [livejournal.com profile] mmom 2009 - Day 15

and [livejournal.com profile] smallfandomflsh #25. Wind.

Swallowed in the Sea by Tarlan
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Title: It’s Always Been You
Author: Spikedluv
Fandom: The Fast and the Furious
Rating: NC17/Slash
Pairing: Brian/Dom
Length: 3540 words
Spoilers: Through Fast and Furious.
Summary: Dom kissed him again, and everything shifted and fell into place. Him and Dom, together in this place.
Notes: Post-Fast and Furious first-time schmoop. Written for the [livejournal.com profile] smallfandomflsh Challenge #25: Wind.
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Ack! Sorry, sorry, sorry! I kept telling myself yesterday that I needed to post a new challenge, but I kept putting it off. I remembered about midnight, in bed. And I’m just getting on the ‘net today because I spent all morning reading Dark of Night, so if anyone wants to write me more Jules/Robin, I’ll be forever in your debt. *g*

The Amnesia challenge is now closed. You can find the submission(s) here.

Our next challenge is: Wind.

Whether it’s a windy day or a winding road, the wind beneath your wings or the wind in your hair, winding someone up or wound too tight . . . go ahead and twist the challenge however you want, it’s up to you. *g*

You have two weeks to write your fic and post or link to it here. I will post a new challenge on Wednesday, April 8th.

This week’s challenge doesn’t inspire you? Check out our previous challenges.

If at any time you need to refresh your memory about subject lines, headers, or anything else, check out the rules.

Have fun!

I want to keep the community active, so please feel free to suggest future challenges in the comments to this post.


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