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As of 4/17/17 I have imported this LJ community into the mirror community on DW: smallfandomflsh.

When new challenges are posted, the challenges will be posted to the LJ comm, after which a new import will be done that will carry the new challenge, as well as any fic written and posted to the LJ comm during that two week period, over to DW. This means that there will be some lag time between the challenge appearing on this community, and it appearing on the DW community, and right now that lag time is approximately 2 days. When the import queue isn't quite as long, the import will happen much quicker, but there will still be a lag time of several hours.

When posting a challenge response, please post your fic or fic announcement to either community, but not to both. If you post to LJ, your fic/announcement will be imported to DW with the next import. If you chose to post to DW, your fic/announcement will only appear on the DW comm.

If you have any questions you may comment here or e-mail me at spikedluv @ livejournal.com.

Thank you!
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